Route to Hua Hin


How to reach Hua Hin

By Bus:
from the lowest deck at Suvarnabhumi airport a luxe and comfortable bus brings you directly to Hua Hin for only 269 Baht/pp
Near exit nr.8 on the groundfloor you find the desk to check-in.
After you get your bagage and pass the controle take the first escalator to go down 1 floor and after that go left to exit 8 and find the desk with HUA HIN.
After you buy the ticket you can walk arround but come back to the desk 15 minutes before depart.

Somebody will come to the desk and shout HUA HIN. Just follow him/her.
1 suitcase/pp is free of charge and for more you pay 20 Baht/suitcase.

The bus has a line with 1 chair at the left and two chairs at the right.
If you’re alone and want to sit alone just ask for a left side seat.

1            2-3
4            5-6
5            7-8
9            10-11
and further till 24

The seats are very comfortable (better then the plane), the busdriver drives normal speed and it’s very safe.
They will give you 1 bottle with water and also there is a toilet in the bus.
Normaly the bus goes non-stop to HuaHin in app. 3-4 hours.

You also can make a reservation at:

Time table:


Price: 269 Baht/pp
More then 1 suitcase + 20 Baht
The bus stops at the endstation in Hua Hin.
From there you can take a taxi to Tira Tiraa.
You also can call the taxi driver before (when you sitting in the bus and know your arrival time ) 0823463926 (Mrs. Nid) and he will be waiting for you.
Normaly he ask 200 Baht but when you give him my regards he maybe do it for 150 Baht also 😉

To go back from Hua Hin to the airport you can do the same but there goes only 1 bus a day from that busstation at 11:00 am so it’s not shure that will fit your flight time.
Otherwise you can order a taxi from the reception or make an appointment with the first taxidriver who picked you up from the busstation (he ask 3000 Baht for pick you up at Tira Tiraa and bring you to the airport).

By Taxi from the airport:

When you’re looking for a taxi they will find you first !!!!
Take care because some drivers drive very fast and risky.

By Train:

Daily trains From Bangkok to go to Hua Hin. You can obtain more information on the Hua lamphong railway station railway station in Bangkok. On this station there are employees who speak English.
It’s a long and not comfortable trip and I don’t advice this one.


Coming from direction Bangkok into Hua Hin you take road 68 at the right side.
Follow the corner to the left and after 300 mtr. you see our building at the left side.
Turn on the parkingplace at the left (after the shops) and you will see the entrance.
At the desk they will give you they key and entrance card after your payment.
If you want you can buy also a internet card at the desk. (250 Baht/week or 500 Baht/month).